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1. Who is a displaced homemaker?
Displaced homemakers are women who have lost their primary source of income due to divorce, separation, death or disability of a spouse or partner, and must now transition from the home to the workplace to support themselves and their families. Displaced homemakers represent all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

2. Is there an income requirement for Displaced Homemakers seeking services through New Jersey’s Displaced Homemakers Centers?
No, there are no income eligibility requirements for Displaced Homemakers needing assistance from the State’s Displaced Homemakers Centers. As Displaced Homemakers, 6 out of 10 women live below the poverty line. Before becoming Displaced Homemakers, most were considered middle class.

3. Where does New Jersey rank with respect to the number of Displaced Homemakers?
New Jersey ranks 8th nationally in the number of Displaced Homemakers.

4. Are there a lot of Displaced Homemakers in New Jersey?
New Jersey currently has more than 750,000 Displaced Homemakers eligible for service through the State’s Displaced Homemakers Centers.

5. How many Displaced Homemakers centers are there in New Jersey?
There are currently 15 Displaced Homemakers centers in 14 of New Jersey’s 21 counties. Displaced homemakers in New Jersey counties that do not have Displaced Homemakers centers are currently being served by centers in surrounding counties.

6. Are Displaced Homemakers at a disadvantage in the job market?
Many Displaced Homemakers are able to find decent-paying jobs but are vastly over-represented in low-paying service occupations with few, if any, benefits. Low-income jobs keep many Displaced Homemakers and their children within the poverty guidelines even though they are working.

7. Do all Displaced Homemakers have children?
No, but the average Displaced Homemakers has 2 or more children.

8. Is there a connection between Displaced Homemakers and domestic violence?
Displaced homemakers are not necessarily victims of domestic violence, however, many are women who are escaping abusive relationships but do not want to be labeled as victims of physical and/or emotional abuse within State or local boards or agencies.

9. What is the Displaced Homemakers Network of New Jersey, Inc.?
The Displaced Homemakers Network of New Jersey, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) partnership of service providers and concerned citizens who support and advocate on behalf of Displaced Homemakers. The mission of the Displaced Homemakers Network of New Jersey, Inc. a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition, is to advocate for the needs of the Displaced Homemakers Centers and the women they serve. Displaced Homemakers Network members provide services through New Jersey’s Displaced Homemakers Centers.