Annual Legislative Awards Ceremony
May 10, 2018
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Success Story

Tracy* came to us when her whole world was upside down. She had discovered that her husband’s business was failing and unbeknownst to her he had not been paying the mortgage for a significant period of time and the house was now in foreclosure. He had told her nothing about their financial troubles and had spent all their savings trying to hide the situation. In addition he had sold a family business without permission and was being sued.

With two children in high school and no income, she felt betrayed and lost. In addition she had been diagnosed with a serious illness a few years ago and was struggling with her health. She had been so preoccupied that she had trusted that things were being taken care of. She was terrified that her husband was getting ready to leave the family and that she would have nothing.

Tracy however was a resourceful and intelligent woman. With emotional support she confronted the situation. With our help she was able to see her skills and abilities – she had terrific energy and personal relationship skills. Seventeen years ago she had been a management executive at a corporate firm. Although she had no computer skills she rapidly learned. She began to educate herself on the current employment scene, attended legal education workshops and consulted a bankruptcy attorney that we referred her to. She also attended our Self Esteem and Confidence Building group and soon hired a divorce attorney.

She put together a new resume, began to go on interviews and was hired as Director of a prestigious non-profit organization. She started on her 60th birthday. Tracy was an inspiration to other women at our center – she shared her journey and helped others believe that they too could overcome obstacles and move on – we’re so proud of her.

* not her real name

Who is a Displaced Homemaker?

Displaced homemakers are individuals who have worked in the home for a number of years and, due to divorce, separation, death or disability of a spouse or partner, now find themselves as the primary source of household income. In many cases, Displaced Homemakers may be underemployed and unable to support either themselves or their children. After having lost their primary source of financial support, Displaced Homemakers may need to return to the workforce.

Displaced homemaker programs help these women obtain or upgrade skills for today's labor market. The goal is to help them become economically self-sufficient by providing education, job readiness training, networking, outreach, referrals and emotional support. Local programs draw on a wide range of contacts within their communities to aid Displaced Homemakers find the assistance they need.

Programs include:

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If your immediate safety is being threatened or you are in need of immediate medical assistance, please call 911 or your local police.